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The Media section has all of our photos, videos and maybe even some audio recordings. We share drum corps videos on YouTube and Vimeo. We write about photos and albums on sites like Flickr. If you need some drum corps visuals, this is the place.

Chad Sexton of 311.

Chad Sexton of 311 & Chris Martin of CSO talk drum corps

Chad Sexton & Chris Martin talk about what marching in drum corps did for them. Sexton is the drummer for 311 & Martin is principal trumpet for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. ― more

The Cadets play for President Obama & United Nations.

Cadets Play for President Obama & the United Nations

A small Cadets ensemble performed for President Barack Obama & the United Nations General Assembly. Listen closely, the President calls The Cadets' ensemble a "high school marching band." ― more

A photo of Carolina Crown 2010's hornline "choir."

Carolina Crown Choir

Carolina Crown's horn line rehearsing like a choir, singing their parts to an excerpt from their 2010 show. "If you can sing it, you can play it." ― more


2011 DCI Summer Tour Video

DCI is rolling out their promotion of this summer's tour events: As the days grow longer, the countdown begins to the start of the Drum Corps International 2011 Tour. ― more

A photo of Blue Devil Entertainment's "Hip hop drumline" 2006.

BD Entertainment Hip Hop Drumline

In 2006, The Blue Devils and their spin-off media production company, BDentertainment, shot this Hip Hop Drumline promo. ― more


Cavaliers 2010 – Mad World

Full video of The Cavaliers' 2010 program, Mad World. These videos don't last long on sites like YouTube, so enjoy it while you can. ― more


Destiny’s Child & Cadets Battery on TRL

Some mainstream publicity for The Cadets' battery. Destiny's Child's performed Lose My Breath on TRL with a live battery intro. ― more

A screenshot of a "Making of a Cavalier" video.

Cavaliers Camp on Local TV News

Media attention on drum corps is always a good thing. In northeastern Illinois' case, that attention is on The Cavaliers. ― more


Banished Beyond on Chatroulette

We've all been on Chatroulette, but this is a whole new level. Banished Beyond, snare drumming for random web cam users. ― more


DCI Color Guard Trailer

DCI color guard trailer video, showcasing many of DCI's best World Class color guards, following the Best of DCI theme. ― more

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